Pause – Restart!!

When I started this thing I called it ‘Life and Fights’ because it was going to be part personal blog and part fight stuff. I was going to talk about anything and everything with a lean towards fight sports because that’s my interest, that’s my thing.

I started out and did a few profiles and memories of old school MMA fighters and a few other things that interested me but recently a lot of my time was taken up by fight predictions. Watching fights and doing research for every UFC card, and that is very nearly every weekend, leavingnot much time for anything else and for the last year that’s all I’ve written.

So I think it’s time to have a break, rethink and reset. I’m not sure exactly the form it will take but it will be closer to my original plan, Life and Fights. Facebook and YouTube will be part of it as well with lots more varied content.



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