UFC on ESPN+ 1 Predictions

Henry Cejudo vs TJ Dillashaw

Depends on Dillashaw’s weight cut for me. The best Dillashaw beats the best Cejudo, even the Cejudo that beat DJ. A well prepared Dillashaw puts everything together as well as anyone in the sport, speed, technique, agility, striking and grappling. Very few better.
The weight thing though is a concern. A few pics and videos have turned up showing TJ looking very thin and depleted and apparently 13 lbs away from his target and its hard to see where that weight he has to lose will come from. I don’t know though, he thinks he can make it and outside of the variables he is the better fighter.

Prediction : Dillashaw by decision

Result : Cejudo by TKO

Greg Hardy vs Allen Crowder

This is a fight designed to showcase Greg Hardy, nothing more. They have decided that Hardy could be a huge star so they will promote him as much as they can, he is co main event on this card in his first actual UFC Fight for gods sake. Sorta shows where the UFC moral compass is pointing when you consider Hardy’s past.
Im not saying Allen Crowder is a bum but he’s definitely not supposed to win this fight and he most likely won’t. Hardy will probably blast through him with aggression and power. Will be interesting to see what happens when an opponent last longer than a few minutes but although this will be a step up I see Hardy coming through it in his usual way.

Prediction : Hardy by TKO

Result : Crowder by DQ

Gregor Gillespie vs Yancy Medeiros

Gregor Gillespie has the potential to be a special talent. He progressing very well at 12-0 and his win over Pichel was definitely a step up and a test passed with flying colours and I believe Medeiros is at a similar level.
For Medeiros to have any success he needs to keep distance and separation for decent periods of time. I don’t really see that happening though, Gregor is an excellent wrestler and fucking relentless. If Medeiros has a chance it will be round one, after that I think Gillespie’s style will break him and it will be pretty one sided. Gillespie by ground n pound TKO round three.

Prediction : Gillespie by TKO

Result : Gillespie by TKO

Joseph Benavidez vs Dustin Ortiz

Benavidez is mainly on this card to step in as a replacement if Dillashaw or Cejudo get injured and can’t fight. While he’s training and cutting weight anyway, may as well have him beat Dustin Ortiz again anyway. Ortiz is good but Benavidez is just better, quicker and more dangerous.

Prediction : Benavidez by decision

Result : Benavidez by decision

Paige Vanzant vs Rachael Ostovich

Rachael Ostovich has been in the news during these last few months, and not for the reason she would want. She was sent to the hospital when her husband attacked her and now I believe she is preparing to divorce him. Lot of unwanted distractions while preparing for a fight.
To be honest I’m not really a huge fan of either girls skills but I see VanZant just being a little better here. A little bit more skilled and agile, more tools. Ostovich will want to get hold of Paige but I think that Paige can keep her off or at least avoid anything too dangerous.

Prediction : VanZant by decision

Result : VanZant by Sub

Glover Teixeira vs Ion Cutelaba – OFF

There is no doubt that Glover has slowed down a touch over the last several years, not quite the monster he was but still a dangerous man. Against Cutelaba I think he will be up against it with more things against him than in his favour, age and mobility for a start.
Teixeira may have his best opportunities at the start of the fight while Cutelaba is still getting his timing and cautious of his power but once Ion settles a bit I see him taking over. If Glover can get it to the ground it would help him tremendously, he’s a good grappler and would certainly have the edge if he put Cutelaba on his back.
Got to favour the younger man here. Speed and pace will do it for him and he also hits hard and I think he catches Teixeira in the second round.

Prediction : Cutelaba by TKO

Glover Teixeira vs Karl Roberson

Tough ask for Roberson to jump in to fight Glover on a weeks notice in a weight class up. It wouldn’t be the biggest suprise to me if Roberson pulled it off but Glover has the advantage. I think his size and power will count against Roberson and I think Teixeira gets the ground and pound finish.

Prediction : Teixeira by TKO

Result : Teixeira by Sub

Donald Cerrone vs Alexander Hernandez

Interesting fight and a big name for Hernandez to put on his record if he can pull it off. Won’t be an easy feat because although I believe Cerrone is on the downside of his career arch he’s still very dangerous, he became the first man to stop Mike Perry in his last fight. He is also the man with the most wins in the UFC as well as the most stoppage wins, impressive accomplishments and would be an impressive scalp.
Hernandez is definitely on the up 2-0 UFC with wins over two dangerous opponents in Beneil Dariush and Olivier Aubin-Mercier. Hernandez will want to start fast and put the pace on Cowboy and back him up. Hernandez is much faster and more explosive where Cowboy will try to pick his shots more. I really think Hernandez will be too much at this time, his speed and wrestling will make him hard for Cowboy to land clean on and especially if this fight gets out of the first. Hernandez should be able to push the pace and I think blow through Cerrone in the second.

Prediction : Hernandez by TKO

Result : Cerrone by TKO

Joanne Calderwood vs Ariane Lipski

Should be a good striking battle that will come down to who can back their opponent up, who can impose themselves better. I hate to do this but I got to go with Lipski. Jojo is good when she has the opponent on the back foot and she’s a good finisher but she can seem a little gun shy at times and Lipski doesn’t seem to have that problem. I know Jojo had some issues in the past and I really hope she is over it and I hope she wins this but my head is saying Lipski, probably by submission.

Prediction : Lipski by submission

Result : Calderwood by decision

Alonzo Menifield vs Vinicius Castro

I don’t have as much confidence in Menifield as some seem to, although I expect him to win. If he can keep it off the ground, get his striking going and not rush in too much I think he will get the TKO finish.

Prediction : Menifield by TKO

Result : Menifield by TKO

Cory Sandhagen vs Mario Bautista

I think this would be a decent fight somewhere along the line but for Bautista to be making his debut on a weeks notice against Sandhagen is a huge ask. Sandhagen will be too slick and ride to a convincing decision.

Prediction : Sandhagen by decision

Result : Sandhagen by TKO

Dennis Bermudez vs Te Edwards

Bermudez is in desperate need of a win. He’s sitting on a four fight loosing streak, three split decisions but still, he really needs a win. Edwards could be done with a win as well, he was expected to get the victory last time out but 0-2 in your first two fights in the UFC is not a good look.
Edwards will push forward looking to land hard and he doesn’t mind getting into brawls but he can get a bit wild in the heat of battle but am not sure I’d Bermudez has the power to really take advantage of mistakes. Think the forward pressure of Edwards pays off here for the decision.

Prediction : Edwards by decision

Result : Bermudez by decision

Belal Muhammad vs Geoff Neal

Going to be a good close, competitive fight. Muhammad will try to mix it up more, switch from striking to wrestling but I think Neal has better hand, quicker and sharper and is more capable of doing damage. I think Neal gets it done and I think he gets the TKO.

Prediction : Neal by TKO

Result : Neal by TKO

Randy Brown vs Chance Recountre – OFF

I would imagine Brown will be able to control the range and pace of this fight. He will throw more volume and land more. I honestly think in round two or three, Brown gets takedown, gets position and forces the ref to stop it.
Prediction : Brown by TKO

Correct Picks 7/12

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