The Ultimate Fighter 28 Finale Predictions

Rafael Dos Anjos vs Kamaru Usman

Dos Anjos has looked absolutely fantastic at times then at other times not so much. He’s a former lightweight champion with good striking and good grappling and can set a hellish pace that breaks some people. Usman is sorta the new kid coming up, telling everyone he’s the best, he hasn’t always shown it but he’ll get his chance here.

The thing that’s going to count here may be size, Dos Anjos is not big for a welterweight and Usman has the size and especially the skill set to take advantage. Usman has good enough striking to stay safe till he can close the distance the put Anjos against the cage wall or on the floor and just grind him. Can Dos Anjos catch him in a submission? Possibly but I don’t think it’s likely. I think Usman wrestlefucks Dos Anjos to a decision win.

Prediction : Usman by decision

Result : Usman by decision

Pedro Munhoz vs Bryan Caraway

Munhoz is not quick for the division nor does he have great head movement but he does have good striking and a really good habit of grabbing people by the neck and making them submit. A lot of people are backing Munhoz here but I don’t think so. Caraway will have a much more varied attack from striking to clinching to takedowns. As long as Caraway doesn’t get caught always on the back foot and get out volumed, then I can see him win the rounds and win the decision. Just watch for the guillotine.

Prediction : Caraway by decision

Result : Munhoz by TKO

Darren Stewart vs Edmen Shahbazyan

Edmen Shahbazyan seem like he may be a real prospect. He’s only 21 years old and is undefeated with 7 wins and 7 stoppages. He’s fighting out of Glendale Fight Club but let’s not hold that against him just yet.

Darren Stewart is sorta coming good after a terrible start to his UFC stint. He has stopped his last two opponents but they weren’t exactly top quality.

This could be a good fight to showcase Shahbazyan, he has very good boxing and Stewart is a guy who will stand up and give him a fight. My only concern is that Shahbazyan likes to get into brawls at times, like fuck it let’s go, and that could be dangerous because Stewart does have power in his hands. I think it should be fine though and if it goes to the ground Shahbazyan has a much better submission game. I think this one finishes by strikes though with Edmen Shahbazyan getting the KO.

Prediction : Shahbazyan by KO

Result : Shahbazyan by split decision

Ji Yeon Kim vs Antonina Shevchenko

Can really see Shevchenko losing this one. Kim is more of a reactive striker and I think Antonina will be able to get a read on her pretty quickly and her aggression and clinch work will see her get the decision from the judges.

Prediction : Shevchenko by decision

Result : Shevchenko by decision

Rick Glenn vs Kevin Aguilar

It’s hard to look good against Rick Glenn, especially at short notice in a different weight class. Aguilar has his shot though and I imagine he will get another one after this. There’s nothing spectacular about Glenn, he’s not quick but he’s accurate with good timing, you could also say he’s methodical with his striking.

Aguilar will be game and he’ll want to push the action and make an impression and that could play in Rick Glenn’s hands. I think Aguilar gets stopped by a barrage of punches in the third round.

Prediction : Glenn by TKO

Result : Aguilar by decision

Joseph Benavidez vs Alex Perez

Benavidez has been near the top of his division a long time 30 fights and 5 losses with 2 losses being to Demetrios Johnson and 2 to Dom Cruz. In Perez we have a much younger man looking to make his way into the spotlight.

I think that despite his age, Benavidez will be quicker and move more but Perez hits harder. Perez will land shots on Benavidez but he will also miss a lot as well so I think its going to depend how the judges see it.

Prediction : Perez by decision (split?)

Result : Benavidez by TKO

Roosevelt Roberts vs Darrell Horcher

Horcher is a good UFC debut fight for Roberts in that you should be beating guys like him if you’re looking to have a successful career. Horcher can fight everywhere without being good anywhere. Robert is a tall lean guy who is good at using his long limbs to grab chokes and he’s good at getting out of positions as well. Don’t think he will get the finish but I think Roberts will positionally dominate the fight.

Prediction : Roberts by decision

Result : Roberts by submission

Tim Means vs Ricky Rainey

Honestly don’t know who wins this. Either Rainey keeps his distance and peppers Means with strikes for three rounds or Means gets closer and tries to rough him up,elbows and knees and make it a dogfight. Im going for Means here because he has a very effective jab and should be able to disrupt Rainey’s gamelan.

Prediction : Means by decision

Result : Means by TKO

Raoni Barcelos vs Chris Gutierrez

Won’t be an easy fight for him but I expect a Barcelos win. Although Gutierrez can compete in the striking, Barcelos is a bit better everywhere. He hits harder and has more energy and killer instincts.

Prediction : Barcelos by KO/TKO

Result : Barcelos by submission

Boston Salmon vs Khalid Taha

Winnable fight for either fighter here. I know that can seem a stupid thing to say and that most fights can be won by either fighter, what I mean is this one may be close. Salmon seemed very reserved in his last fight on the Contenders Series and that could have been because he felt there was a lot on the line but there’s a lot on the libe in every fight from now on.

I feel that the best Boston Salmon beats the best Khalid Taha but it always depends on the night. Taha will try to push the action and Salmon will counter and if he’s on, Salmon can do some damage. Going to say it’s going to decision though.

Prediction : Salmon by decision

Correct Picks 6/9

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