UFC Fight Night 134 Predictions

Mauricio Rua vs Anthony Smith

I’ll start by saying that Shogun is one of my three favourite fighters of all time (along with Fedor and Igor Vovchanchyn) and it sucks to see your hero’s fight past their best and get beaten by people who don’t deserve to be in the same ring as them. That’s nature though. Eventually a young lion comes along and takes out the alpha. That’s nature and it’s sure as fuck sport.

I do have bias towards Shogun but I see this as a fight he can win, he has learned to adjust his style, no longer the Berserker, he draws people in and uses his right hand well and Smith has been knocked out before.

Anthony Smith has reach and probably speed but everywhere else Shogun matches up pretty well with him. Of course Smith could get the knockout but I’m a fucking fan boy and I’m calling a Shogun win.

Prediction : Rua by TKO

Result : Smith by KO

Glover Teixeira vs Corey Anderson

Truth is that Glover Teixeira is not a top of the food chain fighter. He’s not Championship material but he is close. He’s basically the best of the rest. Against Corey Anderson I don’t think Glover will have too much trouble.

Corey has a bit of power and he’s a decent wrestler but Glover is also a good wrestler and I don’t think Anderson is really technical enough to trouble him with striking.

Prediction : Teixeira by KO/TKO

Result : Anderson by decision

Vitor Miranda vs Abu Azaitar

Abu Azaitar making his UFC debut here but he has been around a bit. KSW, Cage Warriors and WSOF to name a few so he has enough experience.

As styles go I expect Azaitar to be more aggressive and to chase the fight but he can get a bit wild and jump in at times where Miranda is much more composed and conserves his energy.

Miranda is a decent counter striker and my guess is that he is good enough for a decision win here.

Prediction : Miranda by decision

Result : Azaitar by decision

Marcin Tybura vs Stefan Struve

A healthy Stefan Struve is a tough fight for most. 7 feet tall and a good striker and a deceptively good grappler. Can finish a fight several different ways. Obviously at 7 foot tall what he doesn’t really have is great movement and that’s where Tybura has to hurt him.

Struve can be defensively lazy at times especially when he kicks or knees and he can get tagged. Tybura has to avoid standing still and standing in front of Struve too much, mix up clinches and some leg kicks. To be honest I think this can be anyone’s fight, both coming off losses and both could use the win. I think though that Tybura should be able to figure this out in the second and third rounds and get the decision.

Prediction : Tybura by decision

Result : Tybura by decision

Nasrat Haqparast vs Marc Diakiese

Marc Diakiese was starting to create just a little bit of hype for himself in his first few UFC fights. Then, to quote Verbal Kint “poof, it was gone”.

In this fight though I feel he can get some of his juice back. If can can get into his flow and get loose and adjust to the southpaw Haqparast, I think he can hit him a lot. As long as Haqparast doesn’t hurt him early and put him off his gameplan I think this is Diakiese’s fight to lose. Plus he’s on a two loss streak so there’s little bit of extra pressure but I think he comes through.

Prediction : Diakiese by decision

Result : Haqparast by decision

Danny Roberts vs David Zawada

David Zawada takes the fight against Roberts at short notice. If they were both fully prepared and be going for Zawada but the circumstances make me think that he needs to get Roberts out relatively quickly.

I’m thinking Roberts by decision but God damn my gut is saying Zawada. Go with the gut.

Prediction : Zawada by KO/TKO

Result : Roberts by decision

Rest of the Card

Nick Hein vs Damir Hadzovic

There’s is no way Nick Hein will lose in Germany!

No way does the ‘German Randy Couture’ lose in Germany!

I heard that the National Socialist Party was reforming, so Nick went and had a quiet word……. They are now the National Socialist Sewing Club.

Man’s a God damn hero.

Prediction : Hein by decision

Result : Hadzovic by decision

Emil Meek vs Bartosz Fabinski

Just after Meek comes off his first UFC loss, to a dominant wrestler, he’s back in with more of the same. Although Fabinski doesn’t have the wrestling credentials that Usman has, he is just as relentless and Meek will need to deal with it better than he did against his last opponent.

One doubt I have about Fabinski is that he hasn’t fought in 2 and a half year, but then neither had Chad Mendes and we saw how that went. Fabinski is also coming down from 185lbs and the size will make a difference when he gets his hands on Meek.

Prediction : Fabinski by decision

Result : Fabinski by decision

Khalid Taha vs Nad Narimani

Both making their debut here but Taha is on home territory. Narimani is a bit quicker and has better boxing and I think he gets the win unless he gets caught with a hard counter.

Prediction : Narimani by TKO

Result : Narimani by decision

Justin Ledet vs Aleksander Rakic

Ledet is a big guy, weighing 244lbs for his last fight and now coming down to 205lbs. He hits hard and has good boxing, decent jab. Rakic will be more dynamic with better movement while Ledet will take the centre and look to counter.

I’m picking Rakic, he’s fast and hits hard and I think gets the decision.

Prediction : Rakic by decision

Result : Rakic by decision

Davey Grant vs Manny Bermudez

Rebooked from the planned fight in May when Davey Grant had to pull out with staph.

Davey Grant came to most peoples attention when he did well on TUF 18, reaching the final. He hasn’t fought since 2016 because of a broken arm then the staph and should be raring to go. He’s 32, 5’8 with a record of 10 wins and 3 losses and he’s 1-2 in the UFC so a win would be nice Davey is good all round and sets a fast pace, he’s has a good amount of submission wins and the best thing you can say about his striking is that although he’s not really a powerful puncher, he really pours it on.

One thing we know about Manny Bermudez is that he’s undefeated and is relentless at going for those takedowns. He’s 23, 5’6 with a record of 11 wins and 0 losses and 8 submission wins.

Davey Grant will get some success here, to begin with at least. He will be the one pushing the action and probably pushing Manny back but that same style will get his ass taken down and then it’s advantage Bermudez. Grant has to make it count hard and early but I really don’t think it will be enough here. Bermudez will dominate most of the grappling I would say, and I think he gets the submission win.

Prediction : Bermudez by submission

Result : Bermudez by decision

Jeremy Kimball vs Darko Stosic

Darko Stosic making his debut here and he’s a well built guy who hits hard. Can be a bit wild and reckless at time but he usually gets away with it and against Kimball I don’t think he will struggle too much.

Prediction : Stosic by TKO

Result : Stosic by TKO

Damian Stasiak vs Liu Pingyuan

Liu Pingyuan is on a 7 fight win streak while Stasiak is coming off 2 losses, truth is though that it sometimes matters not how good you have been in small or regional shows. The 6th best bantamweight in China needs to prove himself.

Pingyuan is fast and athletic, has some power and some submission skill while Stasiak have much more experience against better fighters. Do you go for the known(average) or unknown? I’ll go with Liu to make an impact.

Prediction : Liu by TKO

Result : Liu by decision

Correct Picks 7/13

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