UFC Fight Night 133 Predictions

Junior Dos Santos vs Blagoi Ivanov

This fight most likely depends on how Junior performs. He has looked incredible at times and then really average at others.

At his best, Junior is taller, quicker and with better technique than Ivanov. Ivanov hits hard and has excellent sambo but he’s a pretty sloppy striker and I think Dos Santos can control the range.

Ivanov is obviously a very good fighter and only has one loss on his record but if, if JDS comes in sharp I think he can get the finish in maybe the third round.

Prediction : Dos Santos by TKO

Result : Dos Santos by decision

Sage Northcutt vs Zac Ottow

Ottow can be a bit hit and miss and to be honest I think he will struggle with Northcutt’s athleticism here.

Although I’m no great fan of Sage, I’m glad all of the ridiculous hype has passed him by and he can progress at a normal pace. As I said speed and athleticism will see Sage through this and I think he gets the TKO.

Prediction : Northcutt by TKO

Result : Northcutt by KO

Cat Zingano vs Marion Reneau

Real heart and head situation for me here with Cat Zingano probably being my current favourite female fighter and I have let that cloud my judgement in the past but I just feel that I can’t really trust Cat. She says she is happier, feels healthier and is training better than she has in a long time but fighters say this shit all the time and especially coming off a loss.

I feel like the best Cat beats the best Marion but in reality most times no-one is at their best and its kinda about judging where they are on the scale, so to speak. If a great version of Cat Zingano turns up then it will be a good match up but if not I think Reneau outstrikes her for a decision.

Prediction : Reneau by decision

Result : Zingano by decision

Chad Mendes vs Miles Jury

Been a long time out for Mendes after serving a two year USADA, and he hasn’t fought since December 2015. Also the USADA rule used to be that current fighters could associate or train with banned fighters so that would mean Mendes hasn’t been training with his regular camp for two years but I’m not sure if they still enforce that rule.

Before the USADA stuff I would have had no problem picking Mendes but two years is a long time and it makes you think about it more. And in fact the more I do think about it the more I find myself leaning towards Myles.

Of course Mendes has the edge with striking and power but Jury is very relaxed and composed on the feet and he’s quick and counters well. I just can’t see Mendes not being a little off the pace and Myles Jury is a fucker of a fight to come back to. Mendes wins first round and Jury wins next two.

Prediction : Jury by decision

Result : Mendes by TKO

Darren Elkins vs Alexander Volkanovski

Elkins got this reputation recently for taking a beating and making these heroic comebacks but I’m not sure how it will work out with a guy with the top control of Volkanovski.

Elkins has a lot more experience against a lot more high level guys but I still think Volkanovski should be able to do what he does and do enough damage to get a decision.

Prediction : Volkanovski by decision

Result : Elkins by decision

Justin Scoggins vs Said Nurmagomedov

Another Nurmagomedov to contend with, Said being a cousin of Khabib. Said has a completely different style from Khabib, much more striking based and looser and expressive I guess you could say. A lot of these new breed young Russians are looking great, able to go wherever the fight takes them.

Said reminds me a bit of Zabit Magomedsharipov but probably not quite at his level but still.

Scoggins is another one of these guys who have looked good at times then not so great and he has a problem with submission defence with 3 of his 4 loses coming that way.

Baring any octagon jitters or some shit like that I can see Justin Scoggins getting overwhelmed here and I see a submission in the second round.

Prediction : Nurmagomedov by submission

Result : Nurmagomedov by decision

Liz Carmouche vs Jennifer Maia

Dunno, will Carmouche be bigger and will she be able to make it count? If Carmouche can use her strength and get it on the ground often then this could be a toss up. If it stays standing, edge to Maia.

I think Maia gets it done by decision, possibly split.

Prediction : Maia by decision

Result : Carmouche by decision

Dennis Bermudez vs Rick Glenn

Dennis Bermudez has been on a really shitty run of bad luck losing his last three straight, never would’ve expected it a few years ago. And Glen is a guy who although unspectacular, is effective.

In the fight Dennis has better movement, is quicker and probably better technique and is more well rounded. Sounds like a home run right? Glenn though has lot of reach, good timing and accuracy. Glenn is very methodical but he makes it work for him and in this fight I honestly see this getting him through either by decision or a late stoppage.

Prediction : Glenn by decision

Result : Glenn by decision

Eddie Wineland vs Alejandro Perez

Perez is on a bit of a streak and he has the tools to keep it going. He is a very good puncher and I see him busting Wineland up pretty good here and landing a good amount of strikes. Don’t know if he will finish Wineland but he certainly could.

Prediction : Perez by TKO

Result : Perez by decision

Kurt Holobaugh vs Raoni Barcelos

This is gonna be a scrap and I can’t wait. Who’s gonna win?? We are!!!

Seriously though Holobaugh will come forward throwing and Barcelos will throw back. The difference may be Barcelos speed and in close fights that makes all the difference.

Prediction : Barcelos by TKO

Result : Barcelos by KO

Niko Price vs Randy Brown

Gonna go with Niko Price in this one, he probably hits harder and has good movement. Brown could easily prove me wrong but I see Niko winning.

Prediction : Price by decision

Result : Price by KO

Jessica Aguilar vs Jodie Esquibel

Rebooked from the start of June when Aguilar got pulled for cold sores or some shit. My opinion hasn’t changed though. If Aguilar can find her form and fight at something approaching her best then she can win this. The problem is that she hasn’t been at her best since she signed with the UFC.

Going to back her here though to get the decision win.

Prediction : Aguilar by decision

Result : Aguilar by decision

Mark De La Rosa vs Elias Garcia

De La Rosa made his UFC debut by fighting Tim Elliot on two weeks notice and of course it went as you would expect but Mark De La Rosa is a better than he showed there.

De La Rosa is a good fighter, a good striker with fast hands and good movement while I think Garcia has a more flowy style and more likely to want it on the ground. I can see Garcia having a bit more success in a close fight, mixing it up more and winning the grappling.

Prediction : Garcia by decision

Result : De La Rosa by submission

Correct Picks 9/13

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