UFC Fight Night 132 Predictions

Donald Cerrone vs Leon Edwards

Darren Till made a big impression with his beating of Cowboy Cerrone, and you can bet that Leon Edwards is looking to do the same.

Leon is a different type of fighter though, he doesn’t have the size or power of Till but he is maybe a better all rounder.

In this fight both guys will look to counter and look to counter the counter and it could be a bit of a slow start. I see a lot of people think Edwards is going to blow Cowboy away but I think it will be closer than that. Edwards has youth and speed but Cowboy has experience, which do you favour?

I will say this about Cowboy though, he fights well in a slow paced fight when he has time to counter and he can be very relaxed and flowing. In fights where people pressure him constantly and get in his face he can tend to get flustered a bit, but I’m not sure that Edwards is that type of fighter. If it’s a close fight one edge I see Edwards having is that he is not adverse to going for takedowns and mixing it up but again Cerrone is very good at fighting off the back foot which can negate that.

I don’t think this one is cut and dry at all, in fact I think I’m leaning towards Cowboy, probably by decision.

Prediction : Cerrone by decision (just)

Result : Edwards by decision

Ovince St Preux vs Tyson Pedro

This could be fun, this could be fight of the night.

Both of these guys are a good size for the division and both have skills where ever the fight takes place. OSP has much more experience and has been in with best in the world while Pedro is a hungry young lion who is making his mark in the game.

Last time Pedro faced a step up in competition, he struggled to deal with Latifi’s wrestling but I think he will be more ready for St Preux. These guys seem well matched, Tyson is the better boxer who has a decent jab and good kicks but OSP is dangerous when guys try to close the distance, a powerful left hand. Both can work the clinch and both work well from top position on the ground.

In this fight I’m backing the experience and better wrestling of OSP to get the job done, although if Tyson starts fast that could change things.

Prediction : St Preux by decision

Result : St Preux by submission

Jessica Rose Clark vs Jessica Eye

Totally depends who can impose their game on the fight. Eye is a technically very good striker especially with her hands where as Jessy Jess is a bit more well rounded. If Eye can keep distance and get her combinations going, then she will have success but I think Jessy manages to stifle her, shut her down and get the decision.

Prediction : Clark by decision

Result : Eye by decision

Li Jingliang vs Daichi Ake

This seems like an easy pick to me. Li is bigger, stronger, hits harder, is a good wrestler and grappler.

Ake is pretty quick and has sharp hands but I think he’s a bit too reactive, waits to counter and he doesn’t really have enough power to keep guys off of him.

Jingliang could possibly get the stoppage here but I’ll go for a decision.

Prediction : Li by decision

Result : Li by decision


Teruto Ishihara vs Petr Yan

Ishihara made a bit of a bang when he first showed up in the UFC, knocking out his first two opponents but now it seems like he’s just fizzling along, maybe Artem took his soul. Every man who fights Artem leaves a bit of themselves behind.

Petr Yan on the other hand is a real prospect. He was the ACB bantamweight champion and he has real potential, can really add something to the division.

Hopefully Yan can put on a show in this fight. Ishihara is good if you give him time and space to work but Yan likes the opposite game, in your face pressuring, short strikes in the clinch. On the ground Yan can dominate this contest, he has some good throws, and he’s very good at flowing from top and when he’s good at letting his opponents move under him and staying in a strong position.

I would imagine Yan will show what he’s got here and he can get an easy decision but I think he will get the submission win.

Prediction : Yan by submission

Result :Yan by TKO

Felipe Arantes vs Song Yadong

Arantes is on a two fight losing streak and you can see why, I don’t think he has it at this level (watch him knock Yadong out now that I’ve said that). Yadong on the other hand is on a four fight winning streak and I think is just the better fighter here. Although Arantes has some sharp and hands and a good quick jab, Yadong is an all round better striker, He’s quicker and hits harder and has a better range of strikes. Arantes is tough though and because of that I think he loses the decision rather than gets stopped.

Prediction : Yadong by decision

Result : Yadong by KO

Rolando Dy vs Shane Young

Shane Young’s first fight in the UFC was against Alexander Volkanovski, talk about a baptism of fire. Young is a good fighter, a good kickboxer but he didn’t have the skills to deal with the wrestling of Volkanovski.

I think this fight will be fought mostly, or entirely, on the feet. Dy is a solid enough striker but a think Young is a bit more slick and a bit harder to hit. I see Young winning a decision here.

Prediction : Young by decision

Result : Young by TKO

Song Kenan vs Hector Aldana

Couple of thoughts on this one. In his last fight Kenan melted Bobby Nash in 15 seconds when Nash walked into a beautiful right hand and you don’t really learn anything in 15 seconds, win or lose. Song also got destroyed by Israel Adesanya back in 2015 but hey its Israel Adesanya.

Funnily enough 2015 was the last time Hector Aldana fought and he didn’t look that good. Although I’m not 100% convinced by Kenan I got to go with the more active guy and he’s also got a good reach advantage and should be able to use that and either get a decision or I’m saying maybe a submission win.

Prediction : Kenan by submission

Result : Kenan by TKO

Shinsho Anzai vs Jake Matthews

Jake Matthews has looked good since his return to welterweight and as long as he has continued to work on his striking I think he will be OK here. Anzia sets a good pace and he is aggressive but he can be a bit wild at times and opens himself up to counter punches and I think Jake can take advantage of this and get a TKO finish. If not then he can use his better range to keep Anzia off and get the decision.

Prediction : Matthews by decision

Result : Matthews by submission

Yan Xiaonan vs Viviane Pereira

Last time I said when a Brazilian is fighting an Asian, pick the Brazilian….. but I didn’t…. and the Brazilian won. Ain’t making that mistake again.

Plus Pereira has dealt with much better competition, and should win here.

Prediction : Pereira by decision

Result : Xiaonan by decision

Jenel Lausa vs Yuta Sasaki

Tell me Sasaki doesn’t look like ‘The Backpack Kid’?

Lausa is a former pro boxer but there is not much subtlety about his striking game, all power all the time and not much set up. Sasaki on the other hand is much taller and pretty quick and on the ground he is very slick. I see a submission win for Sasaki here in the first or second.

Prediction : Sasaki by submission

Result :Sasaki by decision

Matt Schnell vs Naoki Inoue

This will be a quick paced fight, lots of movement. Inoue is a very good grappler and very good in transitions while Schnell is a sharp striker and will look to counter. Both guys are tall and long for the weight class but I think Inoue with his better grappling will get the decision.

Prediction : Inoue by decision

Result : Schnell by decision

Correct Predictions 8/12

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