UFC Fight Night 131 Predictions

*These will be short due to time restrictions *

Jimmie Rivera vs Marlon Moraes

This one could be a barnburner with two of the best in the world facing off. I think the difference in this fight will be very small. Moraes is a better striker and he has excellent takedown defence. Moraes hits a little harder and he is a little faster and the little things will make the difference here.

Prediction : Moraes by decision

Result : Moraes by KO

Gregor Gillespie vs Vinc Pichel

I really like Gregor Gillespie, he’s a great wrestler with knockout power. He also sets a much higher pace than Pichel and he’s constantly on his opponent. Gillespie needs to be careful because Pichel can snipe him on his way in but he’s got a good enough chin and I think the pressure he puts on will lead to a finish in round 2 or 3.

Prediction : Gillespie by TKO

Result : Gillespie by submission

Walt Harris vs Daniel Spitz

For as long as it lasted Daniel Spitz looked good against Anthony Hamilton. He was moving well for a big man and he caught Hamilton coming in and ended the fight very quickly. The Spitz that fought Godbeer resembled a baby giraffe at time, stumbling about getting punched in the face.

Harris ain’t the most polished heavyweight but he can hit and if the Spitz that fought Godbeer shows up, Harris will knock him out. If Spitz can stay active and move well then he can make a fight of it. I still fancy Walt Harris to catch him at some point and put Spitz to sleep.

Prediction : Harris by KO/TKO

Result : Harris by KO

Jake Ellenberger vs Ben Saunders

Don’t know with this one. Both very experienced and both past their best. Ellenberger has won 3 of his last 10 and Saunders is on a 2 fight losing streak. Neither has good punch resistance anymore. Saunders is taller with longer reach but he doesn’t really utilise it sometimes while Ellenberger hits harder. I’m going with Ellenberger just because he hits harder.

Prediction : Ellenberger by KO/TKO

Result : Saunders by TKO

Julio Arce vs Daniel Teymur

Daniel Teymur has realised that the UFC is a bit jump in competition and I think maybe it will show here as well. Arce is a good boxer, tight, and moves well. He will get the decision here.

Prediction : Arce by decision

Result : Arce by submission

Gian Villante vs Sam Alvey

Both big guys who can hit hard. I would say Villante is bigger and he can slow the fight down and he does the basics very well,nothing too quick or flashy.

Alvey is the more dynamic striker if he’s allowed to be and can definitely turn the lights out. For Villante to win this he will have to be at the top of his game for the whole fight, countering good and hard and making Alvey hesitate. I think though that Alvey will be able to catch him and I’m predicting a knockout.

Prediction – Alvey by KO/TKO

Result : Alvey by Split Dec

Rest of the Card

Sijara Eubanks vs Lauren Murphy

Not a huge fan of women’s mma or The Ultimate Fighter but I think either of these girls can win this but I think Eubanks is just a bit more hard headed and a little bit more aggressive and she hits harder and just generally more dangerous everywhere.

Prediction : Eubanks

Result : Eubanks

Belal Muhammad vs Chance Rencountre

In this fight I think Rencountre is going to have a problem with the movement of Belal Muhammad. Muhammad is very mobile and mixes it up a lot from punches and kicks, high and low, wrestling and submissions and he puts it all together very well.

Chance Rencountre is a tall 6’2 welterweight southpaw but the last guy Belal fought was a 6’2 southpaw. Plus this is short notice for Chance and its his debut. I think Belal can control the striking and grappling in this fight and ride out a decision.

Prediction : Muhammad

Result : Muhammad

Desmond Green vs Gleison Tibau

This will be Tibau’s second fight after his USADA suspension and he got knocked out in the first one so let’s see how he gets on without the juice here. Tibau doesn’t seem to do well against good wrestlers and Des Green is a very good wrestler with improving striking skills.

I see Green keeping it on the feet and using speed and movement to beat Tibau and get a decision.

Prediction : Green

Result : Green

Jessica Aguilar vs Jodie Esquibel – CANCELLED

I don’t know what’s happened to Jessica Aguilar, she used to be so dynamic and good but now she seems a bit slower, a bit hesitant. I don’t know if it’s a confidence thing or an age thing.

After two tough fights in the UFC she has Esquibel. I have to think that Jessica can win this if she can push the pace a bit get Jodie moving backwards and get some takedowns.

Prediction : Aguilar

Johnny Eduardo vs Nathaniel Wood

Nathaniel ‘The Prospect’ Wood making his debut here. Wood is a good step quicker than Eduardo but he’ll need to watch those counters. Wood is also 24 to Eduardo’s 37 and also has a tonne of heart. I think he will out point Johnny Eduardo here.

Prediction : Wood

Result : Wood

Jarred Brooks vs Jose Torres

Shorty Torres needs to withstand the early pressure and handle the takedowns but I think he can, and he can pick it up rounds 2 and 3. Brooks is tough though but I feel Torres can pick up a decision.

Prediction : Torres

Result : Torres

Correct Picks 10/11

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