Brock Lesnar and the hypocrisy of the UFC

In the build up to UFC 223 and the lightweight fight between Nurmagomedov and Holloway, Dana White announced that Brock Lesnar would be returning to the UFC.

It’s a great move for the business. Ronda is gone, Jones looking at a long suspension, and no one is sure what the fuck is going on with Conor McGregor.

They need a star badly and they seem to be really bad at creating them and Brock brings big numbers.

The problem I have with this is USADA (United States Anti Doping Agency) or more specifically the UFCs use of USADA to show they are a legitimate and top class sport.

So you promote yourselves as being the sport with the most stringent anti doping programme in the world then on the other hand you are creaming your little panties and rolling out the red carpet for what is possibly the most obvious steroid user of modern times.

You could say I’m overreacting and you could say he’s only failed one time(two tests), before the Hunt fight and that it wasn’t for actual steroids, and you would be right.

Brocks failed test were for Clomephine, which we all know is to help testosterone levels after a cycle of anabolic steroids. I’m not sure what Brock’s excuse for taking it was.

Usually you need to be in the USADA testing pool for four months before you are allowed to fight but not in this case. Apparently Brock took the fight on such short notice that he need a special exemption and could only be tested for a month. Of course if you were cynical you would say that this was to give him time to get off what he was on or maybe that’s just me.

So he tests positive, gets a fine and suspended. Eventually he says ‘fuck you I’m rerired’ so the suspension clock stop and if he were to come back he has six months to serve. He also has four months of USADA testing but he could run both at the same time and be OK for a big New Year show.

The other point about Brock is, he didn’t just test positive one time. He was arrested in 2001 with large amounts of what turned out to be growth hormones.

Also Brock is the only person in WWE who is not enrolled in their ‘wellness programme’ (means he doesn’t get drug tested) because he’s considered part time. Yep sure…

Just my opinion but if you believe Brock is clean, I have a Nigerian uncle who wants to transfer money into your bank account (email for details)

And the company with the best anti doping program in the world will promote him like the second fucking coming.

Update : They recently announced that it could be Brock next in line for a title shot vs the winner of Miocic vs Cormier…….. What…. The…… Fuck….

Update Update: Cormier won and it will be him vs Lesnar for the heavyweight belt. Remember Lesnar hasn’t won a fight since 2010.

You know what though, business is business and DC deserves the payday before he retires. DC made $500K against Miocic plus what ever piece of the PPV. Against Brock he could make 3 or 4 million and we get to see him smash Lesnar as well.

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