What do they do about Conor McGregor?

I will assume everyone knows what happened last night when McGregor and friends got into the venue and attacked the fighters bus, injuring 2 people and causing 3 fights to be cancelled from the weekends card.

If it was anyone else in the company they would be done no doubt and people have been fired for much much less. The problem is though he’s the biggest draw in the company by far. Ronda is gone, Jones is looking at a couple of years suspension and although there is talk of Lesnar coming back that’s more likely to be a one shot thing.

Problem the UFC has is that if they cut him he will either go to a competitor or he’s about the only guy who can promote fights for himself and be successful, for a while, before he retires for good and since the sale the UFC needs the money big time.

Conor’s problem is that he’s still under contract with the UFC so if he wants to fight again in the biggest markets then he has to play ball with them.

My guess is that the UFC leave it up to the courts and the athletic commissions to decide on official punishments then come to some sort of agreement.

If you’re Artem Lobov or Brendan Ward though or any of the other SBG & guys, this has done your career prospects no good.

The other thing is, does Conor want to fight Khabib? People are using the excuse that he wanted to get at Khabib as revenge for Khabib punking Artem earlier on? If he actually wants to fight Khabib then that fight is easy to make and he will get paid millions for it.

There are other people who say he is doing this because he is pissed off that they are stripping him and he wants to be suspended to dodge Khabib.
Fuck knows, we wait and see how this plays out.

And once again attention whore Conor has made sure it’s all about him.

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