UFC 218 Predictions

Max Holloway vs Jose Aldo

One of the most crazy thing to me of the last few years is the way Jose Aldo has been dismissed and disrespected since the McGregor fight. He got KOd, it happens. Remember Cain vs JDS 1? Remember Cain vs JDS 2&3? Remember McGregor vs Aldo 2? Just saying.

Max is the champion and it’s well deserved. He’s a guy who genuinely gets better all the time and of course he stopped Aldo last time. He’s a very good MMA boxer, long and rangey for the weight and a good finisher as well.

Jose Aldo is to me still the best featherweight of all time, undefeated for ten years, a decade of absolute destruction. Also seems like people thought he was finished after the McGregor loss and whispers of USADA but they forget he dominated Frankie Edgar after this. I don’t think he’s done just yet.

Of course after the last fight you give the advantage to Holloway but Aldo did well the first couple rounds of that fight as well. It all depends on the adjustments each can make and the game plans they follow. Will Aldo use those leg kicks this time? I would imagine a mainly stand up fight again with Aldo starting strong but can he sustain it? I’m saying Aldo here mainly because everyone is writing him off.

Prediction : Aldo by KO (Holloway by TKO)

Alistair Overeem vs Francis Ngannou

Francis Ngannou it seems is the next big thing in the heavyweight division and he fucking fits the bill. Big, strong and hits like a truck and has been impressive as fuck so far. 10 wins 10 finishes. Now let’s be honest, Overeem is a big step up in competition, except maybe Arlovski but he’s basically done these days anyway. Ngannou is 6’5 and 245lbs and a beast of a man and if he keeps progressing the way he is, he will be very difficult to stop. I even said when he needed an opponent, if you’re gonna have to fight the guy at some point you may as well do it now.

Alistair Overeem, former Dream and Strikeforce heavyweight champion, former K1 Grand Prix winner. This ain’t the same guy though. This ain’t Ubereem. Golden Glory had his style custom made for him. Everyone knew he was a bit chinny, so hands up all the time protecting that jaw, not really throwing combinations so he didn’t open himself up to being countered. When he got to the UFC he decided he didn’t want to pay GG, oh well his choice. Then came USADA and I guess horse meat is on the banned list, he went from around 290lbs to 245lbs. His performances suffered as well and to be honest I though he was done after knockout losses to Browne and Rothwell but credit to the guy he has made the adjustments he needed and looks much better, looks like a contender again.

In this fight Overeem needs to use that all that experience and not let Francis find his range, use leg kicks and those deadly knees before moving out again, don’t get caught against the cage and don’t get into a brawl. For Ngannou I would say be patient, don’t chase too much but keep pressure on knowing he will eventually make contact with something. Alistair can win this, of course he can but it’s going to be a long hard night. Personally I think at some point Ngannou connects with something and ends the fight.

Prediction : Ngannou by KO (Ngannou by KO)

Henry Cejudo vs Sergio Pettis

Seems crazy now but Sergio may be the better Pettis, if not now then possibly soon. After a couple of setbacks in the UFC he is putting together a run and deserves his place. Much the same style as Anthony maybe not as much flash but he’s fighting by far the best wrestler in the division. A guy who can put him on his back as soon as he lifts his leg.

Cejudo is an Olympic gold medalist and absolute stud on the mat. The story early on was that he was a bit lazy, all natural talent but it looks like he got it under control. He also seems to be developing into a hell of a striker.

Of course I think it would be a big mistake to try to out strike Pettis but he wouldn’t be totally outclassed if he did. Pettis has to keep distance really well in this fight because Cejudo is quick and he can’t get stuck against the fence either. For Cejudo the gameplan is clear use strikes, get him on his back and try to keep him there. To me Cejudos plan seems easier so I’m backing it.

Prediction : Cejudo by decision (Cejudo by decision)

Eddie Alvarez vs Justin  Gaethje

Remember in Rocky 3? Clubber Lang licked his lips and predicted “PAIN”?

Thats like this fight, these two motherfuckers are going to punch the fuck out of each other and see who falls down.

What can you say about Eddie Alvarez? Former Bellator and UFC champion, been in with the best and beat the best. Good wrestler, hits hard and got submissions, very well rounded. Very tough as well mentally. One criticism in the past has been he’s a first round fighter, gives all in first round and can struggle later but I think that’s mostly in the past.

As for Gaethje, obviously hasn’t been in the ring with the same caliber of opponent as Alvarez but he has been impressive as fuck so far. 18 wins and 15 knockouts that’s some impressive numbers. The thing about his style though is that he does get hit doesn’t mind taking to give and you can kinda only do that for so long. He pushes the pace and keeps coming, takes people to a place most don’t want to be.

Interesting fight. Alvarez wants/needs a performance after Conor and the Poirier thing will that play a factor? Make him rush in? We saw in the McGregor fight that he got sucked into Conor’s gameplan, will he do the same with Gaethje? To try to prove some point. And as I said Gaethje gets hit in his fights and although Alvarez doesn’t have the sniper precision of a McGregor he can still land them. But you know what I think? People are undefeated for a reason.

Prediction : Gaethje by TKO (Alvarez by KO)

Tecia Torres vs Michelle Waterson

As I said before I don’t watch a lot of women’s mma, I just don’t think some of the standard is where it should be for the UFC although these days you can say that about the men as well.

This should be a standup fight, I think Waterson is the technically better fight but she will have to deal with the pace and Energy of Torres. I expect Torres to have success early but Waterson should get a grab of the fight later on and get the decision….maybe.

Decision : Waterson by decision (split) (Torres by decision)

Rest of the card

Felice Herrig vs Courtney Casey – Herrig (Herrig)

David Teymur vs Drakkar Klose – Klose (Teymur)

Alex Oliveira vs Yancy Medeiros – Oliveira (Medeiros)

Charles Oliveira vs Paul Felder – Felder (Felder)

Amanda Cooper vs Angela Magana – Cooper (Cooper)

Justin Willis vs Allen Crowder – Willis (Willis)

Jeremy Kimball vs Dominick Reyes – Reyes (Reyes)

Sabah Homasi vs Abdul Razak – Razak (Razak)

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