UFC Fight Night 121 Predictions

Fabricio Werdum vs Marcin Tybura

Tybura was supposed to fight Mark Hunt before Hunt got pulled for saying some stuff he really shouldn’t have. Pretty much left the company no choice. So now Tybura fights the former world champion and the best heavyweight grappler there has ever been in MMA.

And Werdum is not just a grappler he is also a very decent striker, capable of holding his own with almost anyone. Uses his range well and good in the clinch as well. Not an easy night for Tybura. Marcin is an aggressive strike who likes to walk people down, looking to land that right hand and he also has a good high kick but not much for combinations.

Not sure how effective this will be against Werdum, who I expect to be able to hold the distance and pick Tybura off with strikes and if the trip is there he will take it. On the ground of course they are worlds apart. If this were a three round fight I’d say Werdum by decision but in a five round fight I think Werdum gets the sub.

Prediction : Werdum by Submission (Werdum by decision)

Bec Rawlings vs Jessica-Rose Clark

Right I really don’t follow women’s MMA that much, only the big fights really. Sorry.

So Bec was supposed to fight Jojo Caulderwood but she had to pull out and now Jessica Rose Clark gets her debut. I know nothing about her, think see had a couple fights in Invicta and is well regarded. As for the fight, Rawlings is coming off two straight losses and needs a win here and for that reason I think she will pull it out.

Prediction : Rawlings by decision (Clark by split decision)

Tim Means vs Belal Muhammad

Muhammad is an aggressive fighter always pushing forward, looking to land punches and going for takedowns although he’s not a really great wrestler he mixes it up well. Changing levels up and down.

Means is taller guy but he likes to get in close and use elbows and knees. A bit of a grinder who likes to make it scrappy. In this fight he will want to slow it down and try to keep Muhammad at the end of an effective jab, defend the takedown and punish Belal for it.

Belal has to mix it up as much as possible, not stay on the outside too much.

I can see this going either way but if I have to pick

Prediction : Muhammad by decision (Muhammad by decision)

Jake Matthews vs Bojan Velickovic

Jake Matthews making his return to welterweight. Now Jake was a big lightweight but Velickovic is a big welterweight. Velickovic will have a big size advantage but for me that’s all he has the advantage in. Jakes a good grappler and a decent striker where you could describe Velickovic as methodical, if youre being nice.

If Jake can mix up his striking and takedowns he will be successful. Push his own pace, don’t let the Serb dictate a crap kickboxing match. If Matthews controls the pace of the fight he wins. If Velickovic can use his size and slow it down, then that’s to his advantage. I’m going to be optimistic though.

Prediction : Matthews by decision (Matthews by split decision)

Elias Theodorou vs Daniel Kelly

Dan Kelly is a four time Olympian in Judo. Guys a stud. Has wins over Antonio Carlos jr, Chris Camozzi and (past it) Rashad Evans. Pretty impressive. Of course his last fight was a knockout loss toDerek Brunson but Brunson has a habit of doing that to people. He’s also 40 years old.

Elias Theodorou is also coming off a loss, to Brad Tavares but fuck it I thought he won it but it is what it is. Also beat Sam Alvey and Mutante.

Unless Theodorou does something stupid I think he will be a bit too quick and too slick for Kelly. If he can mix it up, in and out, he gets the win.

Prediction : Theodorou by decision (Theodorou by U decision)

Alexander Volkanovski vs Shane Young

Shane Young steps in at short notice for his UFC debut but he has a real challenge on his hands here. No doubt though Shane deserves his shot. He’s what a would describe as a tidy striker. Not exactly elusive, more like let’s punch each other in the head and see who keeps standing. Not really a huge puncher but he keeps going and punches in bunches, wearing his opponent down. Has a few takedowns in the bag and decent general grappling.

I really like his opponent Volkanovski. Again very aggressive. A great wrestler considering he’s Australian. Always pushing forward for the takedown and fighting for top position and try to pound the opposition out.

One thing I will say is that with Volkanovski being so aggressive, he could get sniped as he comes in but I don’t know if Young is quick enough or powerful enough to make it count, plus the short notice, I think Volkanovski takes this.

Prediction : Volkanovski by TKO (Volkanovski by decision)

Rest of the card

Ryan Benoit vs Ashkan Mokhtarian – Mokhtarian (Benoit by U Decision)

Nik Lentz vs Will Brooks – Brooks ( Lentz by submission)

Anthony Hamilton vs Adam Wieczorek – Hamilton (Wieczorek by U decision)

Damien Brown vs Frank Camacho – Camacho ( Camacho by U decision)

Alex Chambers vs Nadia Kassem – Kassem (Kaseem by U decision)

Jenel Lausa vs Eric Shelton – Lausa (Shelton by U decision)

Rashad Coulter vs Tai Tuivosa – Tuivosa (Tuivosa by KO)

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