A Short True Ghost(witch?) Story

Let me start by saying I don’t really believe in ghosts. I believe in what I see and although I seen some spooky shit in my time, nothing to really convince me.

Wife used to work in a nursing home and she really does believe, she’s had some experiences but as I say I need to see for myself.

Anyway a few times a year my wife and I like to go to Edinburgh for a long weekend or so, just to relax and for some time for us. Life can be hectic, you know. So while we are there we like to do these haunted graveyard tours and ghost tours that they have there. Like I said I don’t believe but I like the history the atmosphere and if you get a good guide it can be great fun. Over the years we have done pretty much all the tours and seen all the supposed spooky stuff.

This story in particular wasn’t a night tour, it was in the afternoon and rather than a scary one it was just a general history one. So to cut to the chase we get to Grey Friars graveyard and we walked around the church to the main area, the part that looks on to Herriot Watts. There are people walking around but my eyes are drawn to two girls sitting on a blanket.

So two girls, maybe late teens or early 20s, dressed in black and purple and sitting on like a black picnic blanket. They are just sitting there smiling at people, nice serene smiles, peaceful. And there is a fucking black cat walking around them. Creeped me out and the hairs on the back of my neck stood up. So I turned around to see if anyone else was seeing what I was and when I looked back……gone. No girls, no blanket, no cat.

Now although in my memory I looked away and looked back I guess it is possible I looked away for longer than I thought and they stood up packed up and walked out, but I really don’t think so and talking to my wife she had the same experience. They were there and then they were gone.

Who or what were they? No idea but the memory still creeps me out.

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